Addiction has been called a disease of learning. Once addicted, it is very difficult to unlearn the behavior. For drug addiction, the drugs themselves mimic or alter the ability of neurotransmitters to function properly and for synapses to remodel. A number of the materials on this website address this subject.

BrainU lesson plans on the subject of addiction

C. elegans and Alcohol is a laboratory experiment in which students test the effects of alcohol on the roundworm.


To be healthy, the human body must maintain equilibrium in its many systems — e.g., levels of water and minerals in the blood, blood pressure, absorption of nutrients and removal of waste products from cells. This is called homeostasis.

The body's heat regulation system is another example of a homeostatic system. As the internal temperature rises, the body sweats to cool off. Alternatively, when the body gets very cold, it starts to shiver to generate some heat. The goal in both cases is to bring the internal temperature back to 98.6 degrees F.


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