Bead Neuron Throw-Down

After creating model neurons from colored beads and wire/string, BrainU participants engage in the "bead neuron throw-down" where they place their bead neurons on the floor and identify synapses and discuss how messages flow from one neuron to another. Dr. Jan Dubinsky demonstrates the throw-down in this video.

Visualizing Synapses

Confocal Image Stack A02 courtesy of Blake Ebner and Harry Orr; Text by Jan Dubinsky; Video by Sue Minor

Confocal images of a climbing fiber axon forming synapses on a Purkinje cell and its dendrites emerge as if viewed through a microscope. The most detailed view shows the parts labeled.

Do The Stroop

Students read two lists of color words - the second of which shows the word printed in a color different from the one the word represents - and ask their peers to identify which of the lists was more challenging and why.


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