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Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep brain pictureDissecting a sheep brain, students gain appreciation for the complexity of the brain.

Students make observations, learning about the structure and function of brain regions, white and gray matter.

Grade Level: 5-12

Lesson Length: 1-2 class periods

Companion lesson: Ethics of Dissection.

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Sheep brain pictureNEW! The first video in the How To Teach This Lesson series: Teasing Apart a Sheep's Brain with Dr. Jan Dubinsky. This 12-minute video will give you a materials list, ideas for expanding on the lesson, and a series of questions to ask your students as well as footage of sheep brains being dissected and examined.

Cool Links:

The Sheep Brain Map is an excellent interactive site for sheep brain anatomy. As you move your cursor over a picture of the brain, the area is highlighted on a drawing of the brain. If you click on the image, the name of the brain structure is displayed.

The Sheep Brain Tutor shows the planes of section. A dissection guide points out many of the major nerves.

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