Brain science at the movies website

Brain Science at the Movies

Looking for a way to use popular movies in your classroom? The NeuroPsyFi website will give you loads of ideas on how to do this. Created by a clinical neuropsychologist, educator, and screenwriter, the website provides lists of movies which feature characters with special brain abilities or neurological disorders. Read more...

TEDxTalks Amsterdam Sandra van Aalderen-Smeets

BrainU and The Netherlands

"Our brain asks for a rich learning environment." In a recent TEDxTalks Amsterdam presentation, Dr. Sandra van Aalderen-Smeets discusses the impact that teacher attitudes and beliefs have on their interaction with children, suggesting that teachers are not the drivers but the engineers of their students' brains.

BrainU is referenced near the end of her talk: "There has been one really beautiful study by Dr. Dubinsky in the United States where she shows as teachers get a better understanding of the brain and brain plasticity, it actually changes their beliefs and behavior in the classroom." See this 14-minute video.

BU 'food' science

BrainU 2015 Registration Now Open

Please join us next summer for two weeks of neuroscience fun and learning at BrainU 101: Classroom Investigations of the Brain, July 27 through August 7, 2015.

"The things that I learned have an effect on my teaching every day." - Kevin M, BrainU graduate

As a BrainU participant, you will be on campus at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities all-day Monday-Friday for two weeks listening to lectures by leading neuroscientists, participating in hands-on lab and classroom activities, visiting working labs, and discussing ways to incorporate brain science into your classroom.
To get an idea of what's in store, watch BrainU Institute: An Introduction a 5-minute video that was filmed during a recent summer session.

Registration is open now - please mark your calendars and join us next summer for BrainU 2015! Read more and access registration

2015 BrainU 101 is primarily geared toward high school level curriculum. Priority for registration will be given to high school science teachers. We are holding 5 seats open for K-8 teachers, who will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. Please direct any inquiries about registration eligibility to BrainU coordinator Katrina Schleisman at schl0299@umn.edu.

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