Kris Bakkum (left) and Char Ellingson

BrainU Grads Publish Critical Response Protocol Paper

April 15, 2016 - Science teachers and former BrainU participants, Kris Bakkum and Charlene Ellingson, are featured in this 4-minute video discussing the 5 levels of the Critical Response Protocol, the subject of a paper they co-authored with Dr. Janet Dubinsky and Dr. Gillian Roehrig. Critical Response Protocol was published in April 2016 edition of The Science Teacher, the magazine of the National Science Teachers Association. Read more.

2016 Brain Awareness Video Contest by June 16th

April 15, 2016 - Videos can demonstrate a neuroscience concept through animation, song, skit, or any other creative approach. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to enter but videos must be submitted by an SfN member. Get your community excited about neuroscience and put your creative skills to work — you could win $1,000 and a trip to Neuroscience 2016!

Top videos will be featured on SfN.org and BrainFacts.org and recognized at Neuroscience 2016. Read more.

Dr. David Redish, UMN Med School

Exploring Mental Time Travel

November 16, 2015 - The research of BrainU presenter and friend, Dr. David Redish, is featured in one of 3 winning videos, focusing on exciting research and the people behind it.

Over the past decade, Dr. Redish has demonstrated that animals have the ability to “mental time-travel” and regret past decisions. "We're exploring. This is why we sent a probe to Pluto. We don't know what we're going to find. And we see that, in fact, it is much more complex than we ever imagined. That's cool!" Read more.

BrainU students at work

BrainU Participants, We Need Your Help

Dear BrainU Participants:
We would like to keep in touch with you. To that end, we are currently working to update the contact information we have on file for you. Please, fill in this short form or send us an e-mail saying when you attended BrainU and indicating your new e-mails. If you are still in touch with other BrainU participants, please forward this message so that they may also update their contact information.

Thank you for helping us update our records. Let's keep in touch!

una neurona de cuentas

Lecciones en español

Acabamos de publicar las primeras dos lecciones en español: Modelo de Neurona de Cuentas o Mostacillas (Bead Neuron lesson) y Efectos de Recencia y Primacía (Recency and Primacy Effects lesson). Puedes encontrarlas en la sección Bienvenidos del Menú a la derecha.

We just posted our first two lessons in Spanish: Modelo de Neurona de Cuentas o Mostacillas, our very popular Bead Neuron lesson and Efectos de Recencia y Primacía, another crowd-pleaser: Recency and Primacy Effects. Check them out under Bienvenidos in the menu at right.

TEDxTalks Amsterdam Sandra van Aalderen-Smeets

BrainU and The Netherlands

"Our brain asks for a rich learning environment." In a recent TEDxTalks Amsterdam presentation, Dr. Sandra van Aalderen-Smeets discusses the impact that teacher attitudes and beliefs have on their interaction with children, suggesting that teachers are not the drivers but the engineers of their students' brains.

BrainU is referenced near the end of her talk: "There has been one really beautiful study by Dr. Dubinsky in the United States where she shows as teachers get a better understanding of the brain and brain plasticity, it actually changes their beliefs and behavior in the classroom." See this 14-minute video.

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