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BrainU 2015 Registration Now Open

Please join us next summer for two weeks of neuroscience fun and learning at BrainU 101: Classroom Investigations of the Brain, July 27 through August 7, 2015.

"The things that I learned have an effect on my teaching every day." - Kevin M, BrainU graduate

As a BrainU participant, you will be on campus at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities all-day Monday-Friday for two weeks listening to lectures by leading neuroscientists, participating in hands-on lab and classroom activities, visiting working labs, and discussing ways to incorporate brain science into your classroom.
To get an idea of what's in store, watch BrainU Institute: An Introduction a 5-minute video that was filmed during a recent summer session.

Registration is open now - please mark your calendars and join us next summer for BrainU 2015! Read more and access registration

2015 BrainU 101 is primarily geared toward high school level curriculum. Priority for registration will be given to high school science teachers. We are holding 5 seats open for K-8 teachers, who will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. Please direct any inquiries about registration eligibility to BrainU coordinator Katrina Schleisman at schl0299@umn.edu.

Society for Neuroscience logoVision and Illusion - Winner of 2014 Brain Awareness Video Contest
Thanks for voting in the Society for Neuroscience 2014 Video Contest. First Place went to Vision and Illusion. Second Place went to Three Lesions, Three Lives. Third Place was awarded to Brainbows - Mixing Colors to Map the Brain. Congratulations to the winning teams. Start working now on your video for the 2015 contest. More info...

Dr. Katrina SchleismanWelcome, Dr. Katrina Schleisman, to the BrainU team
Katrina started her post-doc working with Dr. Jan Dubinsky on the BrainU project in June 2014 and is already hard at work on a number of projects -- notably, developing new content for 2015 BrainU Institute which she will co-lead with Dr. Dubinsky.

"Katrina brings lots of energy and new ideas to BrainU. I look forward to working with her and our next group of teachers."

Katrina's background is in psychology, philosophy, and cognitive neuroscience. Concepts from these fields, as well as her other interests in music and dance, will shape the new lesson plans and other materials that she creates for BrainU. Read more...

TEDx talk April 2014 Dr. David RedishDr. Dave Redish TEDxUMN Video Available
Earlier this year, Dr. Redish spoke at a TEDxUMN event called "Mapping Our Potential." He spoke about the subject of his recent book: The Mind within the Brain: How We Make Decisions and How those Decisions Go Wrong which among other things examines vulnerabilities or "failure-modes" in the decision-making system and how they can lead to serious dysfunctions, such as irrational behavior, addictions, problem gambling, and PTSD. The 15-minute video of this event is available now at the Redish Lab website at redishlab.neuroscience.umn.edu/.

Just Released: An Enhanced Version of Virtual Neurons
In this new version, synapses can LEARN!!!!!! Just like synapses (and circuits) in the brain can be strengthened with repeated use, the circuits in Virtual Neurons can now learn as well.

After making a circuit, check out the Zoom button. Can you figure out what happens? Be sure to look at the graph. Hint: See the Synapses Change movie.

Visit the Virtual Neurons lesson page to download the app for Android, Windows, and Mac Air. The iOS version will be available very soon.

A NEW Video! This 1 minute 18 second video will assist you in creating your first neural circuit and give you tips on using the new version. See the video.

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