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Watch these movies on iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The Synapse, The Action Potential, Toxins and Synapses, and Synapses Change have been bundled into a single application called NeuroVids available now on the App Store.

Synapses Change! Flash animationClick on the image at left to watch the Flash movie on the synapse! Macromedia Flash Player is required in order to view this movie. To download a free version of Macromedia Flash Player, click here .

If you cannot view Flash animations, click here to see Synapses Change! on YouTube.

To download the movie on Windows, right-click on the image for the movie and select "Save Target/Link As..."

If you enjoyed this movie, take a look at our other animations:

Action Potential Flash animationSee how electrical activity allows neurons to communicate in The Action Potential. If you have difficulty viewing Flash animations, you may see this film on YouTube.

NEW! a study guide is now available for The Action Potential. See Attachments below.

The Synapse Flash animationThe Synapse shows how the synapse changes information from electrical to chemical and back to electrical signals. Users who cannot view Flash animations, click here to see The Synapse! on YouTube.

NEW! a study guide is now available for The Synapse. See Attachments below.

Toxins and Synapses Flash movieToxins and Synapses shows how different chemicals affect the synapse, discussing how animals and plants utilize toxins for protection. Non-Flash viewers, watch Toxins and Synapses! on YouTube.

Sheep Brain Dissection movies are available from the Sheep Brain Dissection lesson page.

NEW! Altered Reality 10 minute video on how to use this lesson in your classroom.

Videos showing how to create bead neurons, both the classic style and a sensory neuron or Dorsal Root Ganglion. A sample bead neuron throw-down discussion is the last video. The videos are:

Visualizing Synapses video featuring confocal images courtesy of Blake Ebner and Harry Orr.

Study Guide: The Action Potential21.39 KB
Study Guide: The Synapse68.46 KB
I thought the video of the process of information traveling was great. However, what causes it to slow down or fall off? Is that too much information at once? What does this look like with a student who is mentally impaired or a student with lack of background knowledge? Does this process grow and become stronger with consistency and constant introducing new information?

Once begun at the cell body, the action potential travels without failure to the ends of the axon. It travels at a constant speed that depends upon the diameter of the axon and upon whether the axon has myelin covering it... Read more