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Synapses Change! Flash animationSee how your brain passes information between neurons in this fun, colorful video. Click here to watch Synapses Change! on YouTube.

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Action Potential Flash animationSee how electrical activity allows neurons to communicate in The Action Potential on YouTube.

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The Synapse Flash animationThe Synapse shows how the synapse changes information from electrical to chemical and back to electrical signals. Watch The Synapse! on YouTube.

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Toxins and Synapses Flash movieToxins and Synapses shows how different chemicals affect the synapse, illustrating how animals and plants utilize toxins for protection. Watch Toxins and Synapses! on YouTube.

Sheep Brain Dissection movies are available from the Sheep Brain Dissection lesson page.

Altered Reality 10 minute video on how to use this lesson in your classroom.

Videos showing how to create bead neurons, both the classic style and a sensory neuron or Dorsal Root Ganglion. A sample bead neuron throw-down discussion is the last video. The videos are:

Visualizing Synapses video featuring confocal images courtesy of Blake Ebner and Harry Orr.