Brain Pictures and Slices

Printable images of the human brain - click on the graphics below for PDF documents.

External View of a Human Brain   Internal View of the Human Brain

Confocal images of a climbing fiber axon forming synapses on a Purkinje cell and its dendrites as seen in the Visualizing Synapses video. Confocal Image Stack A02 courtesy of Blake Ebner and Harry Orr Click on the image below to access the full-size image.

confocal image 1confocal image 2confocal image 3confocal image full

Images of normal and diseased brains can be seen in the Whole Brain Atlas on the Harvard Medical School website which also features an introduction to neuroimaging.

More information and a video about neurons is available at The Exploratorium

Brainbows videoThird place winner at the Brain Awareness video contest sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience is Brainbows - Mixing Colors to Map the Brain, about how to make a rainbow-colored brain to advance neuroscience research. See other entries - and vote on your favorite video - at