Sheep Brain Dissection Movie


Full Movie includes all 4 sub-movies:

Part 1 Synopsis: Examine the brain, identify the dura mater, and remove it. Determine if you have the right or left side and find a person/group with the other side. Correction to Narrative: About a minute and a half in, the narrator says that estrogen and testosterone are released by the pituitary. What she meant to say was: "The pituitary releases LH and FSH, leutinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, which in turn regulate body levels of estrogens and testosterone."

Part 2 Synopsis: Identify 11 parts of the brain with highlighting. Cut the brain at the rostral end at middle of eye socket and examine gray and white matter.

Part 3 Synopsis: Identify the hippocampus and remove it. Ends with mnemonic for hippocampus.

Part 4 Synopsis: If there's time, remove arachnoid plexus and pia mater. Scrape gray matter away from white matter.