Astrid Schmied, MS

BrainU Welcomes A New Team Member

Astrid Schmied, MSAstrid Schmied started working with BrainU soon after her arrival in Minnesota. She came here to the University to pursue a PhD in educational psychology with the focus on learning and cognition. The dry cold of the Minnesota winter has been an adjustment for this native of Chile.

When asked what brought her to the University of Minnesota, Astrid instantly replied, "The opportunity to work with Jan Dubinsky and Sashank Varma: I came to learn from them about the emerging field of educational neuroscience." Educational neuroscience is a relatively new field of research which brings together neuroscience, educational theory and psychology, and a number of other fields to improve the process of teaching and learning. An interesting discussion of this field can be found at the website of the London-based Centre for Educational Neuroscience.

Astrid's interest in educational neuroscience is a natural extension of her studies and recent work history. Since receiving her degrees in biological sciences and neuroscience in Chile, she has developed educational materials for a wide range of institutions in that country (non-profit to governmental). Her work has included implementation of science programs, curriculum and standardized test development, as well as writing inquiry-based lesson plans and materials for teachers and students. Astrid plans to work toward "the integration of neuroscience and educational practice."

An avid traveler, Astrid takes every opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. "I enjoy observing nature. Its perfection always surprises me." Recent travels have taken her to the Incan city of Machu Picchu high in the Peruvean Andes and to Easter Island, a Polynesian island approximately 2000 miles from the Chilean coast. Also known as Isla de Pascua, Easter Island is a special territory of Chile and is well known for the many giant rock statues called moai, the work of the native Rapa Nui people, that dot the landscape. She hopes to visit some national parks as well as historic and cultural sites while she's here in the United States.

Working with BrainU: We're excited to announce that Astrid is already focused on her first project for BrainU -- translating into Spanish the lessons available on our website. The first lessons to be translated are Bead Neuron and Altered Reality, two of our most popular lesson plans.

¡Bienvenida a BrainU, Astrid! Nos alegra que estés aquí.